Commitments Of Traders. Strategies For Tracking The Market And Trading Profitably

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"Floyd has answered for many in this book a way to both understand and use the Commitment of Traders reports

Author Floyd Upperman shows you how to use the Commitment of Traders COT reports to accomplish this goal

But all too often it is misunderstood and/or misinterpreted

Dobson, PresidentTraders Press, Inc

Floyd has done this with his book

Floyd's unique analytical interpretations, combined with his trading tools and indicators, will open a door to greater profitability for all traders. Walter Bressert, President Walter Bressert, Inc

He skillfully explains how to break down the COT data into producers, consumers, and funds so you understand the positions and activities of these key market participants

I highly recommend it. Edward D

In addition, he demonstrates how to monitor the COT activity so you can detect position imbalances that could be harbingers of major trend changes and illustrates his techniques for combining traditional technical analysis of price with the COT data.

In my thirty-five years as a registered broker and author of my own book, I find that at times someone takes a complex subject and makes it easier to understand

Not only does he make understanding the COT easy, but he ties it to some technical trading ideas that readers can try out, using historical data on their own

This superb treatment of the subject by Floyd Upperman, full of detailed information and innovative ideas on how to use them COT effectively in trading, is the definitive treatment of the subject in my book

Truly another good technical book for those looking to understand this often overlooked subject. Ira Epstein, PresidentIra Epstein Company Futures For many years, I've had requests from customers seeking information on the Commitment of Traders report but had few resources to which I could refer them

If you are interested in capturing major market moves, this is a must-read book. Larry Williams, Commodity TraderIreallytrade.com By understanding commercial activity and monitoring its behavior, a trader can potentially forecast significant changes in price direction

The Commitment of Traders COT can be a very powerful trading tool to help anticipate market direction